Sad Heroes
Christmas Reflections
Quantum Place: Safe Development on Undermined Land
Bayer Character Styleframes
The End Motion Reel
City of Calgary: City Wellness Storyboards
Bayer Early Weed Removal Styleframes
MERCity: Deck-Building Game Concept
Unfolding Theology through Child's Play
Canada Council for the Arts Brand Animation
The Smalls: Forever is a long time
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Collector's Edition Promo
Skyride brand animation
Governor General
Jasper: Stepping Over
Across the sea
LEGO Christmas Ornaments Creations 2014
A Series of Chairs
Ships & Glory Tabletop Game
Back to the Future tribute
F1 2016 - Fernando Alonso‬
PolyBikes: Fixies
Ngong Ping in fog
Neuroarm: Robotic Neurosurgery
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